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The Awesome Dad Show - by Actidad

Mar 9, 2020

Brian broke his neck playing football at the age of seventeen. He went on to graduate from college and then law school. After working in the law field for several years, Brian took his talents into the corporate world. Soon he rose to be one of the top sales professionals and then spent his last ten years as a top manager, developing, inspiring and leading. Brian has been at the inception of numerous successful start-up companies.

His ability and desire to develop and inspire drove him into coaching football and basketball. He has spent over twenty years coaching football from youth to high school.

His philosophy of CIA - Commitment, Integrity and Attitude is a core strategy for success. Brian is the father of three great kids and is married over twenty-four years.

Brian is an author and speaker who, through his engaging style and practical wisdom, leaves audiences inspired and challenged to face life's struggles with hope, faith and purpose.

Brian was nominated for the 2013 Best Dads on Wheels Contest. Brian has been chosen as one of the ten finalist by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

President of Swift Outdoor Accessible Recreation (SOAR) SOAR is a 501 c 3 Non-profit Foundation empowering people with disabilities participate in recreational outdoor activities.

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